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Robe DMX 512 controller and LED Floorcans (Model LEDJ37)


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Robe DMX Control 512,


The Robe DMX Control 512 is the newest ROBE controller for a wide range of applications. It offers control of up to 16 fixtures with a maximum of 32 channels each. The DMX Control 512 supports ROBE and all other popular lighting brands. A show of up to 1024 Scenes can be created consisting of Presets and Chases. The DMX Control 512 uses Flash memory for easy software updates via a computer (RS 232).

■Real time control of Moving Heads and Scanners

■Total 512 DMX Channels, 1 Universe Output

■Control 16 Projectors up to 32 channels each

■1024 Programmable Scenes

■512 Programmable Presets

■256 Chases + 48 pre-recorded

■256 Shows

■Effects Engine

■Large Fixture Library

■Factory ready Color, Gobo, Focus, and Effects Presets

■MIDI Function

■1 Large rotary wheel for Menu and Control

■8 Faders x 4 Banks

■1 (3pin) DMX Output

■1 Polarity switch

■MIDI-In port, MIDI-Out port

■RS232 Port for PC interface

■RCA Audio Input for Chases


I would of thought so. LEDJ is a popular enough make now.

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