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SmartFade ML Fader Intensity Settings Question

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Hello all,


I have attempted to find this through google/searching here but have been unsuccessful so far.


I am using a Smartfade ML console to control a variety of lights. There appears to be a setting that allows the console to "remember" intensity settings when you switch from one mems channel to another. Unfortunately, this is turned off for me - I cannot remember where to turn it on.


In case that isn't clear, this is what I want to happen (and I know it can since it did it a while ago):

-Turn fader 1 to 50% on mems 1

-switch to mems 2

-change fader 1 - fader 1 adjusts to the setting stored in mems2, while keeping the intensity of the mems1 fader 1 setting (before switching)


Currently what happens is:

-Turn fader 1 to 50% on mems 1

-Switch to mems 2

-adjusting fader 1 changes the mems1 lighting, until the intensity reaches 0, and then it beings to control the mems2 setting


I would like to know what setting changes this as both are useful in different circumstances. I feel like it is a simple setting somewhere, except I don't know where it is :rolleyes:


Many thanks in advance! If my question isn't clear feel free to ask and I can try to provide more information.

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A fader in Mems mode can only contain one Memory at a time.

If you change Memory page, any faders above zero keep their previous content (so the output on stage doesn't change), until you bring them to Zero, at which point they switch to the content on the 'new' page.

- This is how submasters work on all the consoles I've used, including 'top end' consoles.


Faders in Channels mode operate approximately how you describe - when you change page, the fader immediately changes to controlling the new channel, and must match the current intensity of that channel before taking control.

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