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Help Setting Effect on Zoom RFX2000 (RFX1000)


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I have been using a Zoom RFX2000 for nearly 8 years now. Does anyone have one and could possibly recommend some good setups for a male vocal effect.


It has been set to reverb/delay. Im trying to get a little reverb on my voice and some delay. But im finding that the reverb only seems to effect the delayed signal and not my original voice. (So out the front its a dry voice followed by the delay, which has been effected by the reverb).


I have sat down many times with the unit and I havent managed to get a good sound from it, please can someone help.


You wouldnt think I had a HND Sound Technology. ** laughs out loud **

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It is many years since I touched one of those--a youth drama group I used to help out had one and I played with it a few times.


From memory, it has a vocal reverb section amongst the presets. However, I rarely like presets and know that there are a number of adjustments you can tweak these with. Two I know I played with are the Reverb Duration and the HF EQ. I'm pretty sure I used to shorten the duration from the standard preset and I'd also used to use some HF Cut on the EQ to tame the slightly metallic sound I used to perceive. Frankly, I'd just have a play.


On the other hand, Smoggy makes a good point. Not specifically the Zoom effects, but I know that I often use a simple plate reverb for vocals even when there are elaborate presets available. The basic plate is still one of the most useful 'verbs there is.



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