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Keyboard amp/stage monitors


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Ok.... Since my last post I have been scouring the net to see whats out there!! Its unbelievable.. how are you supposed to choose t a system out of this lot.


I have changed my spec a bit... Ideally I would like active pa speakers with eq and a minimum of 2 inputs and a direct out (to send to foh if needed). This will disable the need for a mixing desk (less gear)...


I've taken a look at some RCF stuff and they seem to be quite suitable...


Can anyone help me out here as I'm starting to pull my hair out!!! (Not that I have any anyway!!!!)** laughs out loud **


Thank you in advance....

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Need some recommendations for a pair of active cabs,maximum £800 for the pair, which I will be using as monitors for keyboards (big synths, organ, piano, strings, sequencer tracks with drums etc.). Ideally I would like a minimum of 2 inputs, di output, basic eq(bass, treble). I would also be using this system for backline at smaller venues.........


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok ...


I'm gonna go for active speakers that are just that (no need for eq etc.) as I will be using a sub mixer.


What 12" active speakers would you recommend for a warm clear sound for keyboards? (ones that will not hurt your ears at high volume.. ie top end!!!!)


Thank you in advance...

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