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Makes sense Chris, any recomendations from you?


P.S. Where did you get the info (points 1-3) from? Would be a useful read for someone in my position me thinks...


Sorry for delay, been training all week at the ROH.

My sources for all posts I have ever made about 'health and safety' issues so far have been the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management Regs 1999 and sector specific regulation such as LOLER or PUWER 1998, and many years of self employment.

All the documents are available as either 'Statutory Instruments' (the legal document authorised by the Secretary of State; the law) Approved Codes of Practice or HSE Guidance documents.

You can buy/order them at most big Waterstones, Government (TSO) bookshops or from the HSE.

Hope that answers the question.

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