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MSN Messenger & Windows 98SE


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Hi folks,


Following recent internet scares with viruses, spyware, and premium rate dialers, thought I would improve my defenses and fit a firewall and update O.S.


Went to Microsoft and downloaded various security patches and update packages

and here's where it all goes wrong..... :)


My daughter uses MSN and hotmail, via IE explorer version 6.0. and Windows 98SE.


On trying to log on we get to the secure page (padlock at bottom of screen), then just blank nothingless with Done appearing bottom LHS.


However trying it on my older slower machine, running IE explorer version 5.?,

(also updated at the same time), and going through the hotmail front door, she can access her emails.


Can anyone help curing this mystery and offer an opinion as to possible cure.


My daughters having withdrawal symptoms from those funny little messages that keep popping up on her screen from her friends... who must be wondering why she 's not replied.....

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I can't help on the IE issue but is your daughters PC now running MSN Messenger 6.2 per chance?


If she is there are huge problems with this version of MSN, it's a real pot luck chance if it'll work on your PC. Does for some, doesn't for alot others.


If it helps I recommend Gaim, a MSN like messenger service that can log into your MSN account, which can be downloaded from http://gaim.sourceforge.net/


Hope this helps.


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ok, as far as IE goes.. have cookies been blocked from it maybe? That happened to me and cookies were the cause (which is probably the firewall's fault). In the Case of MSN, I think there are some ports on your firewall you can open up to make it run better (using a direct connection rather than an HTTP connection), so you could try researching that. Having said that, I could be wrong...
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you havent said what firewall you are now running.


when I installed norton internet security 2003, I couldnt use msn messenger or the net or access email using outlook without the firewall blocking everything. I had to configure mine to let certain connections to the net be allowed - such as msn etc...


sometimes it still messes me around with IE doing exactly what you describe about nothing coming up etc... all I do is close down and re-open my f/w.


it could be that your firewall isnt configured properly?


regarding ports on msn, yes there are.

for im's set outgoing TCP connections to port 1863.

and for file transfer open as many TCP ports as you can between 6891 and 6900.


this sorted half of my MSN problems.


(info taken from http://help.msn.com/EN_US/HelpWindow_msg.a...c%3A&ContactUs= with a search topic of "ports")



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Thanks Guys for the information, Firewall is ZoneAlarm and I think the MSN messenger bit might be working now various little boxes from my daughters friends keep poping up. ( I remember the Sinclar Pocket calculator so this is all very new to me, my how technologies moved on...... :) ).


Problem appears when trying to access the emails the secure pages simply appear blank..


According to MS there was an 'issue' with a service pack they released, and a subsequent patch was released to 'fix' the fix!


I'll follow up the suggestion of checking the firewall and alternatives


By By for now




John Mac.

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That was the problem, I had set the security level too high, and apparently was blocking cookies that needed to be left on my daughters machine.


Personally found it frightening reading the small print, every web-site, page and time spent viewing monitored. Age. gender, financial, and other personal information gathered, processed and given to somebody :)


ooh erh misses.

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You think you've got problems? My hard disk just died!

Now I'm having to use the computer without one until the replacement turns up.


Thank God for Knoppix, and damnation to Samsung for making such unreliable hard drives - this is the second one that's died on me within six months of installation.


Unfortunately, I now can't get any significant work done as most of it is Windows-based.

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