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Rigging box?


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This very random but could anyone explain what the powered boxes with chains coming out of them holding up rigs are for (apart form holding up the rig!) they have power going to them so are they like a mobile flying system or something?


They're for ... err ... holding up the rig (as well as initially getting it into the right place!).


They're just basic chain hoists - one of the most common kinds is the Lodestar from Columbus McKinnon - web site here. Another commony-encountered make is Verlinde - web site here.


The cables running to them carry three-phase power (smaller ones might run single-phase, though). Sometimes there's a separate control cable (usually on a yellow Ceeform, as opposed to the power which will be on a red (3-ph.) or blue (1-ph.) Ceeform) - and sometimes there isn't. Depends on the model. These cables run back to a motor control unit, usually with some sort of remote control handset attached, which can run 4, 8 or even more motors simultaneously.

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