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Turbosound TL1500


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Hey everyone,


I have just bought some second hand Turbosound TL1500's.


I have just come to fire them up and one of them doesnt produce bass. I opened it up to check the wiring/crossover and everything was ok. So I tried pushing the driver and it was rock solid, this makes me think that the voice coil is dead. I think Im right in saying tho that generally if the voice coil breaks (melts) a short is created, so I put an ohm meter across the terminals and it read at 6 ohms.


Im just a bit confused now as to what is wrong, but it does look like I will be needing a new driver

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Try connecting a 1.5v battery ( C or D cell ) directly to the speaker terminals. You should see the cone move otherwise it needs a recone or replacing.




Sorry folks. I had an error message first time and it didn't appear to post.

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