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Peavey system needs a crossover


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I've got 2xpeavey impulse full range cabs.. not sure of the model but I think that they are the 15" 320w RMS ones.. I also have 2xpeavey impulse subs, again not sure of the model numbers something like sub500 or something? I think these are 18" subs that are 320w RMS each..


I currently have one fender amp that is 340w per channel (2 channel) and I daisy chain the subs from the main speakers into the filtered input on the subs..


what sort of setup would people recomend for this? crossover and amps.. I haven't got a lot of money to spend as all the work I do is for youth events and charity work.. but I would like to get these setup properly




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One thing you could do is buy an active crossover eg peavey VSX II and run it in 2 way mono. run tops on one side of your fender amp and subs on the other.


You are under powering your speakers (If the ratings are 8Ohm for the speakers then you realy want about 1.5x to 2x the RMS rating of the speaker as available power from the amp) Eg If your speakers want 320W RMS into 8ohms then look at amps that can offer up to 640w per ch into 8 ohms.


Hope this helps.



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thanks for that.. I have had this argument with people before about the power of the amps compared to that of the speakers.. I've always thought the amp needs to be 1/3 rd more powerful than the speakers.. to handle the peaks I guess..


did you recomend that peavey crossover because I had peavey kit and it will work well with them or because its a good one generaly? just out of interest.. I will want to get another amp for the subs anyway.. so a two way stereo cross over was what I was looking at..


I did see an amp that had a switch to filter out everything above 150hz to send to a sub and a parallel out to send to another amp for the top end.. but I guess that having a proper active crossover would be better than that..


also what are the behringer crossovers like (I know that names like swearing around here with some people, but they are cheap)




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