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connecting etc ion to wysiwyg


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I am currently trying to connect an ion to wysiwyg in live mode, however I am not having my luck. I am using r 24 and have tried it on windows xp, vista and 7. I must be doing something wrong however I don't know what.



Does anyone know how to/ had experience of doing it?




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Easiest way is to use EDMX if you want to visualise with Wyg over the network.


You'll need to turn on EDMX reception in Wyg and tell Wyg which network interface to use (I don't know where those options are in R24 unfortunately, but it is not a console driver).


You also need to patch your lights in Wyg to EDMX - Wyg didn't automatically do that in R22 and earlier. I've not used newer versions so that may have changed.


On the Ion, run as Primary and ensure that EDMX (ETCNet2) is turned on and patched - this is the default setting so it probably is. Hitting [About] will tell you if it is.


(Edit for spelling)

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If you are using Ethernet - Run the ethernet via a Hub and check that the firewall is allowing the traffic to pass on the Addresses of the Desk and the Computer running Wyg. They must be in the same IP range. I know - Hello granny heres an egg - But I missed this the first couple of times.


Oh and make sure all the Universes are correctly Patched on the Desk and that WYG has the Bind set in the LIVE mode. This dialogue box is also where you can set the protocol that you are using as Tomo mentioned above.


One last thing - Have you installed the ION driver on the Computer running WYG?



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