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Light Factory: Move While Dark?

Will Perkins

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Hi BR,


Does Light Factory have a move while dark feature. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere it does, but can't find it explicitly in the software! Is this the tracking feature or is this something else?


Any help on getting this to work would be great. Thanks.

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Yes, it certainly does Move While Dark.

Assuming you are looking at V2, its called 'Blocking and Mark'.

Mark turns on the Move While Dark.

In the Cue List Editor you can set this from the 'Options' (all cues) and 'Cue Options' (current cue) buttons.


You can also turn this on as a default for any new cues created in the 'System Properties', 'Show Defaults', and the option 'Pre-fetch (mark)'

(Note, if you just turn this option on, its NOT going to update all the cues you have already created..)


Hope this helps,



PS. Just in case you didn't know, there is a support group for LF;


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