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RCF Art 525A + Art 705AS + dbx DriveRack PX


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Hi all,

first off the question I'm about to ask may seem a little "blonde" to some, but I'm not so good on all the very technical stuff.


I've recently purchased 2 x RCF Art 525A's and 2 x RCF Art 705AS and a dbx DriveRack PX to get the best from them. They sound fantastic. However, I'm not to sure about some of the fetchers of the DriveRack. For example, I have set the GEQ as I would anyother, but I'm not sure if the speakers can produce all the frequencies that the DriveRack can, thus maybe harmful to the speakers?


Also, the other feachers such as the sub harmonic enhancer, and limiter/compressor...where should they be set at? If there's anyone who has experience with this unit that would be great to advise.


Thanks in advance, after using this site I know there are many people who know a it all about this stuff.


Regards, Dan

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