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Behringer EURODESK SX3242FX


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Hope someone can advise me on this but I've had this desk (Behringer Eurodesk SX3242fx) for a few years now and recently I have discovered a problem.

Whilst micing a drum kit I put all the mics on as usual but realised that the kick drum had no bottom end... What was different, this time to others, was that I had a couple of condensor mics as overheads and they were using the phantom power from the desk. As soon as I turned the phantom power of the bass end of the kick drum returned..... Does anyone have any idea why this would be?


I was using a D112 on the kick if that helps.



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Worth checking the D112 hasn't got a short between one of the microphone connectiond to earth (pins 2 or 3 to pin 1). If there is a short the microphone would have a dc bias on it and the response would be likley to change.



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