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Does anyone have a Sony EVI-D70 NTSC Camera?


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If you have one of these cameras I would be incredibly grateful if you could help me out!

Can you enter an enquiry command and post the result please?


If you run the Sony "EVI-Series Demonstration Software" and enter the command;

81 09 7E 7E 02 FF

to send to the camera, it will return something like this;

90 50 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 15 00 00 FF

(from my PAL camera)

Could you give me the string that is returned for an NTSC camera please??


/Long Version

I am doing some programming of these cameras, and have a PAL one, but I'd like to cover NTSC too..

This is a camera enquiry command and within the return it indicates if its a PAL or NTSC camera.

To be honest, I'm not sure I understand *exactly* what the manual is telling me the difference will be in this string for an NTSC camera, so I'd like one to compare!


If you do have a camera and would be willing to help me out, but are unwilling to run a random command given from the internet, drop me a PM or add a note here, and I can provide documentation!

I promise that this command simply runs a camera status enquiry and returns the results. I have run it on my own camera.




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