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hey guys,


Has anybody used lx designer lite from lx designs. I recently had a copy brought for me at work (just a small theatre so a very small basic bit of software was all that was needed). Now I have a small problem.-


I've been working on a design for the last couple of days on and off and keep just doing a bit more, saving it then returning later to re-open it and do a bit more etc and its been absolutely fine. Then randomly today when I came to open it as I have done several times over the last few days it says 'invalid file format' and wont let me open it so all the time I've spent on it the last few days and now I cant open it which as u can all imagine is incredibly frustrating,


Any ideas anybody




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Yeah I had the trial for a bit and got it purchased for me last week and then got the license code etc from them and I've been using it absolutely fine on and off for a few days now which is why I'm stumped. I think I'll have to give them a call tomorrow then.



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