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Act 6 fusers holders


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Will any of these do?


Thanks have ordered one and let let you know if it fits.


If you ever need obsolete fuse holders try "the fuse company", they carry a bewildering array of fuses, holders and MCBs, current and obsolete types including the full range of Reyrolle pull-cap fuse holders that were widely used by strand

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As usual with Strand spares, getting replacement fuse carriers for Act 6 dimmers is an exercise in high-velocity head/wall interfacing.


Different flavours of Act 6 use different kinds of fuse holder - after all, it wouldn't do to carry components from one generation of product to the next, would it? That would be far too easy. And once you've worked out which kind you need, it's almost certain that you'll be able to find lots of products from UK suppliers which are almost, but not quite, suitable. But nothing that actually is. They're a very obscure part made by Schurter. When we needed a quantity of spare Act 6 fuse holders a while ago, I know we had a lot of problems finding them. I seem to recall that we had to order them from somewhere overseas, at great expense. If I think on when I'm back in work tomorrow, I'll try to find out where we got them from.

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