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12v triggered audio player


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we are doing a display (sound and light) which is triggered by simple relay switches which pushed by the public.

Basically like you see in museums etc for displays.

I am looking for an audio player which can be triggered at the same time (possibly 12vdc as this is what the circuits output before hitting the relays)

Because it needs to be instant I'm not sure a CD player spinning up would be sensible (especially if power was cut after each play) therefore is there such thing as a solid state audio player with remote trigger?

Ideally it would all be controlled from a single control desk such as a DMX / midi controller but cost restrictions don't allow I'm afraid.


Interested to hear what you can come up with.

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American dj make some rather nice SD card players that have remote start contacts - radio station style. They just need a contact shorting to initiate play, going to pause at the end. If you have 12V, then a simply relay to close the contacts would work fine.
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The person to speak to is Gary Orrell, they've just supplied me with exactly what your looking for.


Solid state mediaplayer loaded by USB stick. 12V DC. Triggered by closing a pair of contact pins, no delay in audio. Its not on their website so a phone call will be needed.


We've been open a month (40,000 visitors) and so far the units have worked flawlessly. I highly recommend them.

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