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Saving VGA still frames without a PC - e.g. memory card VGA frame grab


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We are looking to capture still images from a 1024 x 768 VGA microscope output. We'd prefer not to have to use a PC, rather we'd

like to have a frame grabber that saves the still image to a memory card or a usb stick. The capture would be the result of say pressing a

button on the frame-grabbing unit. It doesn't need to be complicated - just a manual capture of a single VGA frame as a jpg / png / etc to

some sort of memory card, that can be connected to a PC at a later date.


Please could anyone recommend such a product? We've had a look but companies like Epiphan, require the use of a PC.


Thanks in advance!





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I don't know a unit that does this, how about displaying the output on a monitor and then taking a digital photo of it? If the camera is on a tripod, and recording at a higher resolution than the screen it is photographing, you should get acceptable results.
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I suspect that we might not be the kind of forum that have much expertise with microscopes, being firmly based in theatre and live events technical activities. Your profile doesn't help us much, being in business - is kind of a little generic. If we knew what field you are in - maybe we can help a bit more?
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