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calammity jane scenery


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Calamity Jane is a very well known, established show and you'll find that many secnery hire comanies will be available to help you out. If you're building your own set then I would recommend that the saloon set is permanent, taking up the bulk of the upstage.

The dressing room can be achieved by blacking out the bulk of the stage, wheeling in a dress rail of costumes and a dressing table and chair onto the apron or forestage and just lighting that.

The fort and black hills can be done with backcloths which are swiped in and out or flown depending on your capabilities.

The big problem in the show is the cabin set. It starts act two, so that's all good, but then you need to strike it quick. One solution is to fly in a gauze downstage of the cabin set, allowing it to be struck during 'Black Hills of Dakota' which thankfully is quite a long song.

Hope that helps.

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