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Motionhouse Dance Company


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Went to see Motionhouse Dance Company production called Scattered last night. It's about our relationship to water.


The set was a bare stage with a giant "slide" (think kiddies' playground). This was about twenty feet wide, ten feet high at one side and eleven at the other. The dancers ran up and down it, jumped off it and slid, hung from it, swung along it etc. - looked great fun to play with! However the reason I mention it here was because it was also a projection screen and the dancers interacted beautifully with the moving imagery being projected on it.


For example, when the image was running water the dancers hung from the top of the slide the water cascaded around them. Or they ran and jumped onto the slide and a splash and ripples spread from the point of impact. Obviously they just timed and placed their behaviour to fit the "film", but it worked a treat.


Contemporary dance can be a bit obscure but this show works well. Lots of young children in the audience who seemed to like it, so catch it if you get the chance and take the kiddies.



Motionhouse website has a trailer.



Edit: Added linky

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