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my amp just wont turn on


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I turned on the amp, soft start 2 sec later, its on all fine and normal. I then turned it off soon after, hit it with my hand accidentally.

now the little bugger is acting like its not even pluged in.

its a two week old TA 1400 <_<

any one how had simler problems with this amp, it would be great to hear from you.



thanks rory

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Hi Rory.

You don't say, but I suspect it's the Thomman amp you mean, not the Tannoy one.

If you get a return authorisation tomorrow you ahould have a new one by Mon if my past experience of their customer service is typical.

Bit of a pain if you need it this weekend though!


We sold a Behringer mixer, 1.5yrs later power supply problem. I had a new mixer in my hands 3 days after sending the faulty one back! <_<



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