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Guys, I'm looking to sell my remaining tops and subs and buy a single powered sub to go with my RCF ART 722s. I was thinking RCF ART 905s, EV SBA760 or similar. I would like somewhere in the region of 750 - 1000w and prefer a Class D amp if possible. Any recommendations of any other brands I should look at and particularly any recommendations of used equipment retailers? I have no objection to buying second hand stuff if it saves me a few quid.



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The RCF Art 905-AS is a good sub, definately. I've heard them and not they bad at all. Try out his badboy too though :




Its a DB Technologies Sub 18D and is a powerful sub, rated at 134db peak, so you'll get 125db out of it in the REAL WORLD. Its a bandpass sub that pounds and has a frequency response of 35hz-120hz (-3db). DB Technologies is RCF's sister company and so you know this sub is gonna be quality. I had some DB Technologies Opera 402 speakers earlier this year and they were excellent build quality and sound quality excellent. This just shows that DB Technologies make excellent speakers. Oh and its cheaper than the RCF Art 905-AS too, plus it'll go down lower.

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