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JBL VP7212/95DPC Reviews - Or cheaper RCF Art?


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Hi all,


Just heard some great reports about the jbl VP7212/95DPC powered 12" tops and matching 18" binns. Powerful and light. Expensive though! £8K just for the tops!


AMENDMENT - Please ignore the last paragraph!

Sorry I mean the JBL VRX Series - the 12 " powered line array tops VRX932LAP. 136db per box, light and around £6k for 2. Still not cheap! My plan is to buy 2 tops and 2 subs.


What does everyone think?


Each cab must be a one man carry and ideally I want both tops to be carried by one person in one go. At 20kg each cab, this is doable with the jbls.


My other option was to buy 4 x RCF ART 725's and 4 subs. That way I just take exactly what I need for each gig. Bigger gigs get 8 boxes, smaller gigs get 4.


The rig is for a function band playing 100 to 400 capacity venues. Whole band mic'd - but the backline of the band is pretty loud already. The main things getting amplified is the bass end, brass and vocals.



Current Rig, listed to give an idea of what I am used to (All for sale)

4 x turbosound tq440

1 x turbo lms controller

4 x Adlib Audio 1 x18" subs (with 600 watt RCFs)

1 x Lab Gruppen fp 6000 q (4 x 1250 watts)

1 x Camco Vortex 6



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Thanks both. I'm not really looking for the size or power of my current rig. I like the sound of my current rig but we don't need all of those boxes for most gigs, I'll have to compromise on some of the bigger gigs. Just want something that sounds as good or better than half of my rig and is lighter and quicker to set up.


The Art TT range is definitely an option - a pair of the TT 22a and matching 18" subs. I've heard rave reviews, mainly from blue room! It's also a fair bit cheaper than the JBL range mentioned above. Again though - the TT's are a lot more than the ART 722's. That's why I considered 2 pairs of the art 722s thinking I may get a good spread of sound for similar money, plus they're really light in weight.


Anyone know where I can demo the RCF stuff (or even hire) near Newcastle Upon Tyne? I normally deal with Sounds Live, but their demo facility is a bit limited in the shop. Really want to hear the TT alongside the ART. Ideally compare this against one stack of my current rig.

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