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Roboscan 918


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Hello all,


Have a problem with a Martin Roboscan 918. On start up the display shows the 4 asterisks, then Roboscan Pro 918, then version .96, then RST whilst the mirror and wheels find their positions. I get a brief HOME when the mirror centres itself, but then the display shows 1. That's it, neither the menu or ent buttons on the display change anything. I can invert the 1 by pressing the up and down arrows together, but that's it.


Any ideas?


(The lamp does not ignite by the way)

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Sounds to me like the enter and/or menu microswitches aren't working. The rest of the unit appears to be ok, the fact that you're getting the home indicator and you can invert the display indicates that it is doing something.


Try sending it some data and see what happens - at the moment its start address is 1 which is the number you're getting.


Sometimes the edge connector for the display also works loose, so check that as well.


All the best


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