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Source Four Zooms


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Hi all.


I've a problem with one of the S4 Zooms in a local venue not locking off.


By that, I mean that the focus is not locking off.


I can set it nice and sharp, but the whole screw knob/slider panel will then slip down the barrel.


I take it that something just needs tightened up? Inside the lens barrel presumably?


All ideas and information gratefully accepted?

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Not on a S4 Zoom, Will - they have the odd 'one-handed' focus knob for adjusting both lenses simultaneously.


I've encountered a couple when out on tour that exhibit the problem you describe, so perhaps it's something that does affect these units. No idea what causes it, though - I just get the local staff to swap the unit for another one that works!

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on a s4 zoom with the single focus knob on the right, you can get access to the lenses and the back of the focus knob on the left hand side via a small door that runs the lenght of the barrel. it has a little catch to keep it close near the front of the lamp.

if you look in this door you will see a screw at the back of the focus knob. the other end of this screw is going into a little nut. this is located under the middle part of the focus knob, that you lift outwards to allow it to move and clip back in to lock it off. if you tighten this screw a little bit it should fix your problem.


make sure NOT to over tighten it.


hope this helps you


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