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Yamaha AW 16 G

ken cattell

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Hello Folks,


Hopefully this is the right forum for this post, it seems the most appropriate to me.


A friend and I have just purchased a Yamaha AW16G digital multitrack recorder via a well know auction site, what didn't come with it was the demo CD mentioned in the manual (previous owner has lost it). Trying to get the best of the unit just using the complicated manual is difficult so the CD would be a great assistance.


Has anyone got a copy of the demo CD that they would be willing to loan? All postage costs would be met and you will get the disk back.


If its easier I can be e-mailed at ken.cattell@talktalk.net


I will be contacting Yamaha to see if the can help but this forum may prove quicker and more helpful.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Many thanks to those who took time read my request. My mate has proved more resourseful than me and has secured not only a copy of the disk but also an easy read idiots manual for it. Having now seen the beast I can understand his need for one! Nice bit of kit though.

Thanks again.


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