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Rusty chain blocks...


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Evening all,


I sent 4 x 500kg tralift chain blocks out to Cannes for a job on the beach in a marquee. They came back about 3 weeks ago and were checked in and put back into stock. I got them out today for a gig and all of the galvanised hauling chains have pitted/oxidised and the load lines have started to rust, as have the blocks themselves.


They were wet when we got them back. We were told the guys using them were loading out in an uber thunderstorm. We dried them out when we got them back and thought nothing of it. Obviously, being on the coast. the chains have had a good serving of salty sea air/salt water and the rusting/degrading process has been amplified heavily. (we should have wd40'd the units to displace the water!)


The load lines are 30% covered in rust. It is more prominant where the black load chain's paint/enamel coating has been warn off. The rust is clearly into the steel itself and not just on the surface - (the sort that you an almost wipe off)


With all of this in mind, and bearing in mind that these are load bearing chains, is this all now destined for the bin?





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This isn't something that can be answered on a forum. You will need to take it too some one who knows whats to look for (LTM for example) and have them look at it.

It may be that they could just be de-rated to allow for some sort of future use.





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