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I know they're not what we normally use but thought I would try anyway.


I have a Martin Synchrozap that will work fine with DMX but not on stand alone mode.


Anyone have any experience with one.


I'm hoping that someone will tell me "this is a common just do x"


If not I''m assuming I've either got a mic problem, a dip switch problem or a software problem.


All useful replies gratefully received.

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I take it you are talking about the Synchrozap Qx 250 not the original Synchrozap.


First set the dip switches to 1-on 2-on 10-on then switch the unit on. this should set the unit to operate in stand alone sound to light mode.


If the unit is still sat there looking blank at you I would be looking at the microphone being faulty. Careful there are 2 types of microphone that look the same, ensure you have the correct type. I seem to remember Martin only use the one type.


If this fails you could have a duff set off dip switches but this is an uncommon fault and if its working on DMX and you can change the DMX address it would suggest they are fine.


if the unit is still not working Sound to light after this It would suggest a fault in one of the components on the control board.


if this is the case email me @ Service@Panchromatic.org.uk




(if the unit is working fine and you have others you wish to slave from it the connect them as normal and switch all the others to dip switch 1 - on.)

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Thanks for the replies. It is the QX 250. I have the user manual. A link to a service manual would be nice though.


It will work in 6 channel DMX mode but not in 1 channel. So I'm thinking it could be a problem with dip switch 10.

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2 questions then,


When trying to run in 1 channel DMX do you set Both Dip 9 & 10 on?


When running in 6 channel mode can you set the mic trigger and does it work?


Ok 3 questions,


When you change the dip settings do you cut the power to the unit to reset it before testing the unit?


(Stll feeling its the mic)


The mic triggers the stand alone so if the mic is duff then u have no sound alone. you can acess the mic trigger from the DMX when set to 6 channel DMX to get the unit to move to the sound. if this works the mic is ok and its something else, if it doesnt replace the mic


Other thing to check is the solder joints on the back of the dip switches and stick a continuity tester across each of the switches in turn.

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