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EAW CAZ Amplifiers


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If you want one with Speakons its a bit more money....same amp though.



and if you look at the pic of the cosmetically updated version you'll see the heatsink screws in exactly the same place. http://www.tapcoworld.com/products/juiceseries/index.html


Internally I'm pretty sure its one of these http://www.altoproaudio.com/index.php?temp...122578121721772 all built by Sekaku in China.


Mackie - Tapco - EAW - Martin Audio - all the same family.

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If what you say is true Andy (and I have no reason to doubt it), I may as well just get one of these. It's going to spend it's entire life in a (moving) rack anyway. It's got the Thomann 3 Year Warranty on it just incase too.





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