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Vista T2 Shape generation


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Hi everyone


First off, a bit of background:


My usual desk of choice is an Avo pearl, either expert or tiger dependent on the rig. I have however been asked to run an installed rig for a show down south on Thursday this week and the desk in house is a Vista T2. I haven't had a huge amount of experience with programming a T2 (I've op'd someone elses show on one but thats about it). Rig consists of mac 700's, mac 250 entours and some DB4 plus generics.


I've downloaded the manual and the Mac demo for the vista and have been having a play but I've hit a bit of a brick wall. I'm used to being able to select fixtures press shape generator, choose my shape and record as mode 2 to a playback. I am struggling however to do the equivalent of this on the vista. I suspect its just me and the way I'm approaching finding it but if anyone can give me some pointers on how to do this, I would be eternally grateful.


I've sussed out the basics of patching, parameter control (eg. position, colour, gobo etc.) and the likes, but creating the movements I need is eluding me



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1) Select your lights

2) Click on "Smart FX"

3) Click the "new" button

4) You can either create a new effect or use a "Canned FX" by selecting between tabs in the main window.

5) Click OK

6) Change to the "settings" tab. Have a play around with these settings until you get something you like.

7) Close the smart FX window.

8) Store this as a clip. (which you can then drag and drop to where you want it on your console.


Tip: If you record this effect as an extract, you can easily apply it to any other lights without having to try and remake the effect.


(PM me if you need more help!)



Andy Jones

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Thanks for this Andy, and thanks for the PM's people.


Turns out I wasn't far off anyway!!!! For some reason the mac demo I have doesn't have any canned effects at all which is what confused me but I've got what I wanted by creating a new effect.


Thanks again everyone



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