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What to do next?

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Im in my last year at secondary school, and im thinking about what to do next. One of my main interests is lighting and lighting installation, but I also am quite interested in stage management. My best guess was to go to full time college and get some qualifications in electrical installation, so that I can work as a electrician as well as being qualified electrician at a theatre or venue. But I don't know how the courses work, what the best one is for me, what other people who are doing the job I want have already got and other peoples ideas.


I live 45 mins away from Norwich (Lowestoft)



Andy :(

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Lowestoft College would appear to do an Electricial Installlation course - the one you want is the City & Guilds 2330. It will take you three years to complete parts one and two, with a fair grasp of mathematics. From that you will have to do a 2391 (Inspection/Test) and a 2382 (17th). You will also need to complete a NVQ to become a fully qualified electrician. Maybe a way to do this is to apprentice yourself to a firm of electricial contractors in Lowestoft who may help out with the funding for the course.
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