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Martin Magnum Hazer

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Hi, new on here so here goes


im normally fix martin lights happily allday, but I havent got a bloody clue with hazers


is there a quick fix??

what should I be looking at/ for with this??????

any logical guess'es


the Fault is "ht err" unit powers up fine, no fuse's blown - just sits there with this code


any help could be great thanks. otherwise I thinks its time for a new one




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Is it a 24/7 hazer, the magnum hazer didn't have a display...


HEAT ERR on 24/7 hazer means that the block temperature is too high. If this happens at power up it is probably something up with the thermocouple. I think I've heard of this happening also if the machine is extremely cold when turned on. If it happens after running for a bit it means that the heater control triac is shorted.


I'd ring Jem service, they are usually very helpful.



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