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Sorry, Reece, but your question doesn't really make sense. All I can think of is that you're talking about lighting from 2 or three different angles (front, sides and back, or whatever). But even if that is the case, your question is still too vague.


Have a read of Bryson's excellent How To Ask For Help post, and then have another go at asking your question ...

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Hi Reece,


Firstly can I mention that your topic title "Lighting; what is???" doesn't mean anything and is of no use to other Blue Room members.


Secondly I think you need to speak to your director to see what they mean. Once you have found out exactly what is required feel free to come back and ask your question again, with a bit more detail next time.


Until then I'll close this thread as there's nothing we can do to help till we know more.




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