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Hi there, wonder if I could prevail for some advice. I currently run my own discos and also do some small lighting presentations at my kids school to help out. I am keen on learning more on sound and light and would like to ask what is the best course for me to get on to to develope my skills as well as actually gaining some kind of certification at the end of it?

I live in the Essex area so it would need to be either around there or online education. Anybody shed some light on this? ;)

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the obvious local 'get a certificate' course would be East 15, based in Loughton.


I'd say you were near enough to London to partake in many of the more well-known colleges - Have a look at the website of the Conference of Drama Schools for further information:



If you aren't looking for HE level certification, then searching this site for various training options is probably a good way to start.


Or contact your local lighting and audio suppliers and see what training they offer/what training places that they recommend.


Can't help much more than that until you say what level of training you are looking for



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South East Essex College (Southend) Offers a BND Technical Theatre (Production Arts) Course which covers a huge variation of subjects including the following:


* Lighting Design

* Sound Design

* Live Sound

* Lighting (General Rigging etc.)

* Technical Maintenance

* Prop Making

* Puppet Construction

* Make-up & Costume


Generally the course is very good for people looking to get employed and work within backstage of theatre/live events etc..

The staff are very friendly and it provides a good atmosphere.. The amount of experience you will gain through productions is also very good


If you are over the age of 19 at the beginning of the course It will cost you £1,194 per year and you will leave at the end of the 2 year course with a BTEC Level 3 Qualification worth 3 A Level's I believe.


I hope that helps,



P.S If you want any more information about the course or who to talk to if your interested, do let me know and I'll help you get started!

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