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Lamp Off Macro triggered form the the Chamsys Magic-Q Executor window


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Im looking for a foolproof solution to run a lamp-off macro from the Chamsys Magic-Q Executor window. I recorded a macro with the following content: clear, select fixture group, run fixture macro lampoff, clear. In the process of recording the macro the fixtures (4 Martin 250 spot krypton) Actualy do turn their lamps off. But when running the macro form the executor window they do nothing. I have adjusted the timing of the macro to be reel time and not instant to give the macro time to run but this does not help.


Im very new to this Macro stuff. Maybee im missing someting very obvious? Can someone explain the process step by step?


Kind regards,


Manuel Rodrigues

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Why are you complicating it by using a macro?


Why not just record a cue for the required heads with the channel reset values and put that on the Execute window? Then you just switch it on for the required amount of time for the reset to start (3 to 5 seconds for most heads). You may even find that there is a pallette entry already in the beam window for the reset which you could copy to the Execute window.


Also, this may be stating the obvious but remember that the Execute window is disabled unless you have a piece of Chamsys hardware like a wing or DMX interface connected.

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Hm, ok... That might be a option...




Ill go and try that now...




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Yeah, Ive downloaded the pdf but cant find the appropriate DMX values to send... It says something like this:



The lamp can be turned off from the controller by sending the lamp-off command on channel 1 for 5



What is the lamp off command...? Or which DMX value is it?

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When you are recording a keystroke macro, it does as it says on the tin - records your keystrokes. So if you recorded it by pressing on the screen this is likely to be the problem. If you wanted to record the macro for your group which is, for example group 3, you would need to do:


MACRO, START MACRO, GROUP, HOME (takes it back to a known position), left, left, MACRO, HEAD MACROS, LAMP OFF, MACRO, END MACRO


quite a long winded way to to it though. If you are lamping off I assume you would want to lamp off the entire rig? In which case just record a macro going MACRO, START MACRO, LAMP OFF ALL, END MACRO?


The easiest way to do this though if you only wanted to do it on selective fixtures would be to record a cue which takes it to the desired levels to lamp off.





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If you've used the head personality for the krypton thats included with MagicQ you should be able to use the softbutton next the encoder to cycle through to the lamp off command, you shouldn't even need to know the DMX value.
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