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Distant Sound Effect


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Hi BRs

I am recording a band in a few weeks and they want one of those 'distant' sound effects for the beginning of one of their songs. I have heard it on other records, but don't know how to do it.


Does anyone know what combinations of effects to use to do this? I can play around with the settings & parameters of the effects, but it would help to know which ones to use!


Many thanks,


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Depends on the sound you are trying to capture.




One band I recorded wanted the sound of drums being heard from outside a venue before you go in type thing. After messing around with lots of effects and not getting it right I just setup a large condenser mic outside the live room and added a bit of reverb.




I guess what I’m saying is the best way to get a distant sound effect is to just record a distant sound (maybe reamping?)

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One of the things our ears associate with distance is phase smearing - sound from a long way away has the low frequencies arriving earlier than the high ones. If you can apply a lot of phase smearing e.g. by multiple passes through an allpass filter, and then adjust EQ and reverb as suggested above, it might be quite convincing.


Alternatively, just put the mic a long way away and record it :o)





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