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how to connect up MX200


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We have ordered a Lexicon MX200 effects processor but I'm unsure of how to connect it to our Peavey S-14 Sanctuary series mixer.


http://www.lexiconpro.com/images/products/12/large/32.jpg shows the connections on the Lexicon.


http://www.sanctuary-series.com/downloads/s1414p_manual.pdf shows the connections on the S-14.


Can some one explain exactly what connects to where?


We would like it so that we can vary the amount of reverb for each mic.



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Not quite so simple on this mixer because of it's design philosophy, but if you don't want the internal fx, then you go out from the output EFX(38 in the manual) and go into analogue input left (mono) on the Lexicon, but then you will have to come out of the stereo outputs of the lexicon and feed them back into the mixer via (I'd suggest) one of the stereo ins. The mixer doesn't have the usual returns. However, this can be quite handy as you get the ability to send some of the reverb return to the monitors, which may help people sing better!


Should work fine.

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Thanks Paulears


The internal effects are very basic and don't do what we need which is why we have gone for the effects unit.


I understand the first bit but just to confirm the second part:- from the lexicon analog left/right outputs should I connect to the stereo input 13/14 input on the peavey using the RCA or 1/4" (UNBAL) input? (37 in manual)


Also would this method still allow us to have adjustment for less reverb on mic one and more on mic 2 etc using the EFX(7) dial on each channel?


Thanks for the help.

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When used like this, then the effects level per channel is just like the internal unit - send the effects a bit of each channel - how much is up to you. As for the returns, the jack and phono connectors are wired together internally, so makes no difference which you use - jack to jack leads are probably more commonly laying around than jack to phonos?
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