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Starry Night Projection


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Hi, My set designer wants the audience to see a starry night on stage before the show starts. We already have a digital projector and setup as we double as a community cinema but does anyone know where I could get a 45 minute long starry night DVD complete with the occasional shooting star! Without the shooting stars I could use gobo's etc but have to admit that the idea of a twinkling starry night is quite appealing. I'm planning to front project this onto a black gauze just behind the front tab line as we have a transition scene into the opening number. Any advice would be great!



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Definitely go for a simulation, far easier to generate something that is exactly what you need.

Don't expect too much, even if you have a very powerful projector. Speaking from experience a few years ago, stars projected on a black screen are just not that exciting because you don't get the definition. And remember you'll have the houselights on too.

It can be done, it will look OK, but don't waste too much time on falling stars, they will mostly go noticed.

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