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Hi all, Just got curious after having a discussion at work today.In the big bad world we live in and costs ever rising - What have you done to save costs on transport?Companies I have worked for in the past used to hire in an owner driver for some of the bigger jobs and run vans for local work, but im just curious what is common place with the way the world is at the mo. I know a lot of hire companies have been selling their vans and relying on firms like DHL & TNT for long distance dry hires and renting a 7.5 ton box van which ends up costing a fortune for a single days' work.I hope that I don't come across as im doing "market research" or the likes - Im an owner driver myself (subcontracted to various haulage companies) and a little curious about how things are out there for hire companies in this area of the industry.
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As the owner of a small sound and lighting company I spend lots of time organizing and thinking about transport.


We used to have a LWB van and 7.5 ton truck however recently have sold the truck and use the van for most deliveries. Any events where we need to transport a large amount of equipment we rent a truck or another van. We have a deal with the local haulage contractor to rent vehicles for a very good price. For us it was more economical to just keep the van on the road and rent extra vehicles when needed due to the fact that I used to find that often the 7.5 tonner was going out half full to jobs.




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