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Training company in administration


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OK, HELP Im in a bit of a panic here.


I was training on a distance learning course to be a spark (with a long term view of being a trained theatre sparks)


I had a week booked in the summer for a practical week, this was cancelled, and was told it would be re-arranged by another company.


The company who I had booked with has gone into administration, website gone, and in the companies house as in receivership.


I have found that another company has taken over the exsisting students (of which I am one, but as yet have not found out who this is, and cant find the inso on the net.


anyone any ideas on where to go from here, wasnt sure if I could neme the company in administration, If somone assures me its OK, I will name them.


In a bit of a stress, dont know where to go for advice, I am payng off a 6K loan for this course and really cant afford not to complete it.


thanks for the help.

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Not good news I'm afraid unless you are very lucky.


Start by finding out who the administrators are and contact them. They may have arranged the sale as a going concern and will tell you who is the new owner.


In the absence of such an arrangement, its likely that you will be just another of many unsecured creditors and you might get a few quid back in a year or so.


It's also possible that another company has morphed out of the old one the directors of which may offer you a beneficial way of completing the course, but if you get that free I'd be gobsmacked in the current environment.


No reason not to give the name of the company as long as you stick to the facts.

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the company was The SKills Centre, I have found the administratoers details, and contactd them, Good news is that another ATL have taken over the existing trainees and are continuing their courses (including mine) to completion, so Im rather releived, the fees were paid by me taking out a loan, so would probably have had no comeback, luckily it hasnt come to that.

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