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1 channel 0-10v analogue dimmer


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Anyone know where I can get one of these? It is for a single 50w halogen lamp via a transformer so a 1A or greater version will do the job nicely.

I have seen DMX versions but unfortunately the control board I need to run the single lamp from is analogue (NJD fade 4.) I can use an open PCB if these are available also.

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I got the Velleman board and it works in a fashion, it works if I start with the fade 4 at zero and then bring it up slowly but if I power it up with the fade 4 on full (10v) then it makes the transformer hum and doesn't get to full brightness.

Same if I push the switch up full brightness quickly.

The velleman works on a PIC controller which is where I suspect the problem to lay.

Any other ideas or solutions, I'm half tempted to just use an NJD 4 channel pack but seems a waste?

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