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Nottingham Accident


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I stand to be corrected, but I can't help but assume that you've got the wrong end of a rather gnarled old stick here.


Sounds like a gross and inaccrurate conglomeration of a number of incidents, some of which will be known to many of us.


If it is, and if you have no reliable source for what sparse information you currently have, then I think you're asking the wrong question.


Like I say, I stand to be corrected, and apologies if I have made incorrect assumptions about your query, however without understanding the reason for your question, nor what routes you have taken to try to find information, I wouldn't imagine there'd be a whole load forthcoming.


(To give you a hint...to gather accurate information about any serious incident or accident I'd suggest that going as close as you can to those who will have first hand knowledge - ie venues or enforcing authorities - will be a more useful starting point for you...if your query was appropiate and justified).


Just my opinion, for what it's worth...

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