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RGB LED Video curtains and Lasers

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RGB LED Video curtain




The StarCloth that everybody is talking about!














- RGB LED Video Curtain - DMX with AnimationThis amazing NEW RGB Animation StarCloth displays animation/graphic effects and takes little set up time, velcrow tabs make it easy to hang and can be used for touring, installation, events, displays, bands, DJ's, clubs, presentations etc...



There are 30 presets but can be easily programmed and controlled with the DMX controller . From simple text to superb colourful animation design.


Product Specifications:

  • LED video curtain (RGB)
  • Voltage: AC 90V~260V/50HZ
  • LCD screen in the controller
  • Control System:
  • Alone/DMXControl/SoundActive/Automatic
  • 30 programs included and amazing sound activation programmes and speed control.
  • Color:RGB
  • Lamp: φ5 RGB, 182 Pcs
  • P:20cm
  • DMX Channels: 7
  • Size adaptable as: 3m x 2m (or) 2m x 3m
  • Weight: 6kg




  • 1x RGB LED 2 x 3 Metre Star Cloth Video Curtain
  • 1x Controller
  • 1x 3 Pin Power Cable
  • 1x 4 Pin Controller Cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 5x RGB LED spare lamps

We also have available this new product in 2 other sizes : 4m x 2m and 4m x 6m inc flightcase.


Have a look at the videos we have made of this new product on our website.










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You can find the product video on this direct link to the product page below:


Visit My Website
















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100mm pitch SoftLED video curtain full vj animation with DVI input.


If you want to give your events that wow factor professional look backdrop take a look at our Flexible LED curtains as seen at PLASA.


The cheapest version starts off at 100mm pitch going right up to the very high resolution 20mm pitch Flexible LED curtain.


you can read more technical info and watch the video of the 100mm pitch in the link below:


Visit My Website


http://www.madeffects.com/ekmps/shops/madeffectsltd77/images/100mm-pitch-rgb-led-curtain-flexible-6%5Bekm%5D173x120%5Bekm%5D.4m-x-4.2m-388-p.jpg http://www.huasun-tech.com/userfiles/200902/2009022312111763088.JPG http://www.huasun-tech.com/userfiles/200902/2009022311432786715.JPG







WE are u.k and Ireland delears for Laserworld AG .


Laserworld lasers are high quality CE approved made in germany lasers with a full 12 month warranty and we have installed many show lasers to many of the world largest clubs and shows.


have a look at our full laserworld catalogue and check out our special offers inc our new white lasers from only £899.00 each.


We have lasers , software, smoke machines all priced for all markets from the starting up mobile d.j to massive outdoor production lasers.


Click on the Laserworld main page Below:


Website link.


http://www.madeffects.com/ekmps/shops/madeffectsltd77/images/ecoline-series-lasers-11--12-c.jpg http://www.madeffects.com/ekmps/shops/madeffectsltd77/images/revolution-series-lasers-8-50pps-scanners-ilda--15-c.jpg http://www.madeffects.com/ekmps/shops/madeffectsltd77/images/monochrome-blue-proline-laserworld-lasers-2--28-c.jpg http://www.madeffects.com/ekmps/shops/madeffectsltd77/images/monochrome-red-proline-laserworld-lasers-2--29-c.jpghttp://www.madeffects.com/ekmps/shops/madeffectsltd77/images/multicolor-rgb-proline-lasers-4--27-c%5Bekm%5D149x120%5Bekm%5D.jpg

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