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Type of cable for DMX Cables?


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Sorry about the title, couldn't think of any better way to describe it!


Basically I'm buying my own Sound and Lighting Kit, I've been doing productions and gigs with my school for the past few years, and now been offered to work for a amateur dramatics group, who know basically, nothing.


I'm gonna make my own Mic and DMX cables, as its cheaper to buy as a roll and plugs it seems. Just wondering, as I have yet to find a definite answer on the 'net, what type of cable do I have to use for DMX runs? Will standard mic cable 'do'? I know that the impedance is different, but this will only be doing short runs (10m at most) and controlling dimmer packs with Par cans and similar items. On the suppliers that I'm looking at (local) Mic cable is a bit bit cheaper than DMX you see.


Sorry if I've rambled a bit here!


Cheers, MCTW

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I was going to post you a link (the google box in the top corner only searches the BR) and this is a very common request.


When I put DMX cable into the box, there were too many links to repost here - so just enter it there and have a read.



As this will solved the problem - feel free to post any followup to those topics - we'll close this one for now as it's a duplicate

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