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Looking for a replacement cradle for EAW JF200


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Hi all,


come to rig a pair of EAW JF200 today and found that one of them is missing a rather crucial part of the flying frame.


The bit we need is the section that grips the front and rear edges and attaches to the metal frame that surrounds the actual speaker.

I'll try to get to a computer that allows uploads to add a picture if I can.


If anyone has, or knows of, someone who is willing to part with either this section of the cradle, or the entire thing, please PM me ASAP. We'd prefer to buy but would hire if we had too.


We need to get the speaker up by Tuesday evening. We are in North London.


I'll be calling the EAW rep listed on the website tomorrow but if people have other recommendations for companies to try, feel free to post them here. I remember that there was issues with getting replacement parts for EAW around a year ago - I'm hoping that's all been sorted.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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