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Art-Net, Leap Frogs and iPhones


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I've got a Zero88 Leap Frog and I'm getting an iPhone in the next few weeks. I've seen the iPhone App called Luminair 1.5 and I was wondering if anyone who's used an iPhone with a Leap Frog could give me some advice? I understand that I will need a dedicated Wireless router to network with the iPhone and the desk but I am unclear as to whether or not I will need any other equipment in between. Some posts I have read imply that there is a need for something to convert from Ethernet to DMX but is this not actually built into the Leap Frog and do I not just control it all with the incoming DMX control on the desk's settings?


Any help would be much appreciated.


Also, if anyone has actually done this and got it to work, what model router did you use?





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