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Transport cases for LEDJ Stratos Washes


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I recently bought a pair of LEDj Stratos Wash panels, which I find are great for a solo singer as they are portable and bright enough for the average club stage. If anyone uses them can they advise what they transport them in. I can't seem to find any suitable flight cases, and the manufacturer do not offer any bags/cases as standard.

I know I could get something made, but just wondered what anyone else used.

Thanks in advance.

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check out arriba cases


I have one of their bags for my LEDJ UV STratos which is the same size


I believe the one you need is the same one that fits the American DJ mega penal (although the american DJ unit is a little bigger)


edit : I justr checked, this is the one that fits 2 of them and this website is usually the cheapest too http://www.disco-world.co.uk/cases/arriba-...ase/prod_6.html

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