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Access to rigging etc


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Hi Guys,


I am having issues with my employer in terms of assess in the rig and other 'high' things in the theatre space/school hall. (At the moment I can only hire in the most akward scaffolding tower in the world for 3 hours at a time when I have more than 4 things wrong up there!)


I am looking into options for the purchase a tower [or equivalent] that we can store easily, I can opperate easily, ticks all of the H&S boxes (I am PASMA trained) and is cost effective.


Currently I am thinking that my best bet will be an ESCA3000...but I am looking for someone who already has one/ has used one so that I can hear what it's really like in a theatrical environment rather than just general sales pitch that you get from the suppliers.


Hope everyone is ok!



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I used an Esca tower a fair bit at the previous school I was employed by. It was very convenient, being able to move around without having to climb down. My only real problem was that taking it apart took as long as a normal tower of equivalent height and really required two people for the final lift. If you can store it in one piece you'll love it.

I'm trying to persuade the H&S guy here to buy one, but as an addition to our standard tower.

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I will say exactly the same thing - I have an Esca3000 and use it regularly. It's fantastic for moving around quickly, but it does take 2 people to tip it over and take it apart. (Doesn't cause me a problem because I always require 2 people when working at height anyway.)


Feel free to ask anything else about it.

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