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Simple PowerPoint & Movie file playback wanted


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I have been asked to help put together a PowerPoint file with 5 big movies in (1280 x 720) and was trying to find a single PC application that would allow the sequenceing of these files. As an old PowerPoint user I am not 100% happy with embedding the movies as they could just take too long to load and play.


Screen Monkey looks like it will do the PPT file and movie sequenceing but A) its free? and B) as the customer would normally use a full 5 Dataton Watchout display machine setup so does this simple aternative application work?


I am not fussed if a Mac software alternative is suggested as the designers are working on Macs before theye export the After Effects movies. I had thought keynote might be another alternative ( as we could import the PPT files) and Keynote would play the Quicktime H264 files easily.


Any suggestions most welcome.





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A) Yes

B) I have no experience with the Dataton Watchout software (although from the manual it looks really interesting), but I think the main difference is that screenmonkey is designed to have all the processing done on one machine with multiple outputs.


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