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Hog 2 Lib definition Problem


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I've got a problem that hopefully someone can help me with. I have an Echelon 1000 console with the whole hog 2 OS. I am trying to add a fixture called the PR Solo 1200 to the Fixture Library. It is not included in the latest update of the hog 2 library, so I used the generator on the flying pig website to create a lib file. Everything worked except: The numerical keypad on the console does not control the intensity of the fixture. The attribute wheel works for intensity and so does the cue faders and master fader. The odd thing is that the same problem occures to any other fixture I have patched in including studio spots that worked perfectly before I loaded the lib file for the PR Solo 1200. If I reload an old show with out the new definition everything works fine again.


Anybody have any ideas?




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